Do you ever wanted to buy everything you want for your favorite Facebook games but you couldn't afford to buy credits ? Yes.. I know you do.. so now let me tell you everything its going to be more happy for you. 
You will be able to impress your friends with your new items like I do ofcourse :D At school some friends ask me " Dude how u got that car that cost money ? " ( i play CarTown) and i tell them " For free lol xD, its a little secret." 
   So now i am going to show you that little secret of mine. All you have to do its to follow the instructions below. You will have to complete a little survey as a reward for me who got this.

You probably think... NO WAY!! This is FAKE! Every survey download its a FAKE! Fuck this!! ..

Well if its that what you think don't download it! but.. trust me you will lose .

.. ok i understand so how I get this ?

Simple ! Just follow this instructions:

Step 1: Click on the download button
Step 2: Complete the short survey then save the file to your PC.
Step 3: Insert your username , set the amount of credits.
Step 4: Click Generate!
Step 5: Have FUN!

You need to hurry to get it before Facebook finds about this and take action !

Updated 03.12.2012


Check this if you want proof that it works. This guy used this facebook credit generator and cha ching! Crediiitss!
Sorry for crappy quality ^^


    Here its the Virus scan of the file: LINK